Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Only for Lizzy K!

Really at a disadvantage here - haven't figured out "linking" yet, which I need for this post, and am putting me in a real unglorified form out there on the net... the picture to the right is me @ exactly 10:11a this morning (get it? 7/8/09 @ 10:11am...). Well, I think I was supposed to get the 12 secs in there, but am not sure if I captured it right on the dot. This is the brain child of Elizabeth Katchner's (one of my favorite and most inspirational bloggers) husband, Colin.

(see post here: http// OMGosh, did I do that right? I know it's better if I have a word like "here" and it's highlighted and/or underlined and all you have to do is click that BUT this is the best I can do at the moment...

As this is my vacation (ha!) week, I figured I could actually participate this time and captured me in a really undignified moment: camped out on the atelier's couch, after a shower, wearing my painters rags, chilling by the set with laptop close by. Ah, life is GOOD!
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