Sunday, May 2, 2010

Susan Tuttle's book giveaway

EXTRA, EXTRA, READ ALL ABOUT IT! This book, by Susan Tuttle, is available thru Amazon (my favorite website in the whole wide web!):

Or you could win one (see link below).

Either way, it's a must have for me. I am so behind in this digital age - you should have seen me, just now, trying to figure out how to post the book cover picture! I'm so stressed over it, I'm sweating (it's either stress or a hot flash - I'm hoping for stress!). Ugh, I get so frustrated with myself for being behind the times. Reminds me of when I was first in the working world and computers were becoming more prominent. There were old school matrons that flat out refused to convert from the manual typewriter and I swore that would NEVER be me! I'd always stay on top of technology, always be open to learning new things, and yet, here I am - can't download songs from iTunes, can't figure out which remote turns on the TV or which one turns it off (yes, there are 2!), my satellite radio is unplugged & in the glove department because I don't know how to tune it when I lose the signal and could NOT stand the sound of static, just realized I can take a picture on my phone AND email it! I've only had the phone 3 years now...

So! With that said, I'm here to BEG to win a copy of this GREAT book and to let everyone else know about this GREAT giveaway. Here's the link - and sorry it's not "here's" underlined & in a different font so it's just one click away, but re-read the above paragraph & you'll figure out why.


Enjoy & GOOD LUCK: