Sunday, January 24, 2010

self imposed restrictions

Read a blog today - wish I could reference which one! Someday I'm gonna get good @ this blogging thing - about "self imposed restrictions." I think the idea was that if we focused our efforts within parameters & guidelines, we could possibly produced the results we wanted. My mind immediately went to cards & scrapping.

I do have some, what I now recognize as, self-imposed guidelines, but sometimes I forget! It won't be until I'm done with my project that I'll say, "ooooh, you were supposed to..." very frustrating! So this year, as part of my resolutions - which include challenging myself to do 1 scrap page a week AND to make any cards I need (not buy them!) - I am imposing my (now recognized as) "self imposed guidelines" into my resolutions (which, needless to say, I've failed both already!). I realize it's not easy to change overnight so I'm not giving up on me just yet. Trying to find my mojo and totally blaming a wonderful 2-week break over the holidays for my inability to get back on track yet, here @ the end of January (almost).

BUT moving forward, I intend to follow these guidelines:
  • use an inspiration but not copy
  • include something handwritten
  • have at least 1 hand-drawn element
  • use what I have - do not buy anymore!*
* oh, yeah - another resolution already broken! ~sigh~