Saturday, April 17, 2010

not there yet...

Overwhelmed by my own good intentions... not a card made or a page scrapped since early Feb when I went on my weekend retreat. So much for my goal of doing a page a week and NEVER buying another card from a store again. And my idea of noting newsworthy events thru-out the year to include in my scrapping has fallen flat. Why? Cuz I forgot! Yep, sure did. How? I really have no idea. I'm a news junkie so you'd think the light bulb would have gone off at some point. Ugh. Had an ill-fated attempt at retrieving the info (it's only April, right? Shouldn't be too difficult... ha!). Googled "2010 Headlines" and got nowhere. Double ugh.

Life continues to happen so I continue to capture it. Now have so many pictures stored on the computer I had to buy an external drive (a terabyte? I never knew there was such a thing... guy says I'll never need another storage drive again but you know what? That's what they said when I got the laptop: I'd never use up all my memory. Ha! Damn liars.). Triple ugh.

Put myself on hiatus from the blogs I follow. Well, the hiatus was unintentional. What I really meant to do was put myself on a schedule to look @ them. Once a week, every Saturday. That was 2 & 1/2 months ago... I guess I kept putting it off. I just came back tonight and OMGosh!!! Sensory overload. Finally deleted & started over. Literally. I set up a separate email account just for my subscriptions and canceled under the old, resubscribed under the new (there has got to be an easier way but I just didn't want to take the time to figure that out for fear I'd lose my momentum).

So now I'm exhausted and not exactly confident my efforts are going to prove to be helpful, but at least I didn't do "nothing" as has been the case for entirely too long.


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