Wednesday, July 11, 2012

a Pinterest party

Another time sucker in my life:  Pinterest.

But, boy, what fun!  I've got 25 boards, which is absolutely ridiculous.  This is so reflective of my life...

A friend had a "wonderful" (insert sarcastic sigh) idea to have a Pinterest party. We were partnered into teams of 2 & challenged to pick a craft project from Pinterest, buy enough supplies for everyone & meet up for a "Pinterest Party."  Oh, and our theme was "Halloween."

Yep, Halloween in July.  Whoda thunk it?

This was our inspiration - found @the "She Wears Flowers" blog (but I did see it on Pinterest. Honest, I did!)

When it came time to find the materials, we quickly decided our version would be a little different.  Here is what we pulled together to use:  16x20 canvas (not shown), Mod Podge, newspaper cut and ripped into 4x4 squares, one 4x4 canvas for each project, Halloween ribbon, black vinyl, Halloween color paint (black, green, purple & orange), Cricut Halloween cartridges (October 31, Happy Hauntings and Blackletter)

First, we painted the canvas the background color of our choosing (I picked purple)

Mod Podging was a bit more tedius then we expected.  It wasn't easy to get the thin newspaper to stay in place - we figured out we had to Mod Podge it into place, then Mod Podge over it.  Sticky & gooey...

The Cricut cut-outs took forever, but we had a blast working on it!

Here we are, showing off our finished boards.  Well, almost finished - we need to add our bows.  Our bow expert had to rush home to a family dinner, but she promised to get them to us.  Soon.

Is it Halloween yet?

Coming Up:  the other 2 projects we worked on (sneak peek of one in the picture above).

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