Sunday, August 16, 2015

REveal: playing hookie

I have a confession...  every now & then I disappear for a few hours and take in a movie.  All by myself.  In the middle of the day.

It's liberating.

Married, with child, means compromise, and more often than not, I'm the one compromising so someone else can have their way.  One of my biggest compromises is what we watch as a family: TV shows, sports, concerts, movies...

So my little excursions mid-day are usually my opportunity to see something I wouldn't get the Mister & the Son to agree to.  And it's not always easy with my schedule to get together with my girlfriends - and sometimes, like me, their non-family viewing opportunities are few & far between so they're particular about how they spend their time & money (and sharing popcorn!): a sappy love story is often majority rules and once again, I'm compromising.  So, I've taken matters into my own hands & escape I go!  To the theater.

This past Friday I saw "The Gift."

Not fantastic, but I liked it.  I'm not sure why it's called "The Gift," tho.

The last time I snuck away was to see "The Age of Adaline."  Loved it!  Gave me alot to think about.

Other excursions include:

yeah, there are some oldies in there - I added "Say Anything" and "Hook" because I went to see those alone, as a single girl.  Back in the day.


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