Monday, May 25, 2015


is almost here.


Well, damn.  Here it is almost to the 6th month mark of the new year & I am exactly where I was January 1st.


I haven't lost a pound, I haven't dropped a size, I haven't ran a mile, I haven't paid off a bill, I haven't quit spending, I haven't read a book, I haven't mastered a push-up...

And, worse: I'm hitting 50 in 2 days!  Two days!!!  At the beginning of the year, I vowed to have lost 50lbs by now.  Yeah, I did (vow) but I didn't (even try).  Guess I think I'm going to live forever.

With 50 looming, I'm realizing I am NOT going to live forever.  The likelihood of making it to 100yo is very, very slim so I am fully acknowledging that half of my life is over.


So, here I am, 2 days shy of celebrating 50 years and I committing to recommitting.

I have this really long list of things to do.  Some are projects, some are tasks, some will take several days & some I just need to get off my @ss.

I discovered John Acuff & his 30 Days of Hustle & his idea is to focus on something & commit to working on that goal for 30 days.  Simple, right?  Well, not for me!  Why?  Because my damn list is so long I couldn't figure out one thing to settle on, so I had this BRILLIANT (not) idea to do them all.

I am such a dumbass.

I started out making a list off all the things that need to be done & my idea was to do one, or at least work on one, each day for 30 days.

Simple, right?

Well... maybe, and maybe not.  Just a smidge of what's on my Hustle list:

Stop spending money!  Even if it's a GREAT deal.  Better yet, just stay out of TJ Maxx.

Restain the front door

Repot the Christmas tree.  Yes, this is THE tree from this past Christmas.  So?

Take the kettlebells out of the box, open the accompanying CD & use them.  Yes, also from Christmas.  So?

Clear off the dining room table. This is actually organized into piles, believe it or not.

Take out the recycling.  Remove it from the dining room table.

Unpackage the Cameo Silhouette, read the instructions, download the CD. Make something.  Anything.  Find it a home & get it off the dining room table.

Er, um... clean out the Butler's Pantry.  Yikes.

Clean off the vanity!  OMGosh...  Why does this look so much worse in a picture?

Purge the make-up drawer.  I am officially embarrassed.

Purge the master closet.  It is almost June & I haven't done my seasonal clothing swap yet. #ugh

Sort my inbox.

Watch EVERY episode of Columbo. In order.  No, I don't know why.

Scream, kick & cry until Hubs finishes painting the guest room so I can (someday) put it back together & won't have to shut the door when company comes over.

This room - once upon a time my office back when we were able to walk in there - is currently housing everything from the guest room & my son's room as Hubs limps thru his current DIY phase.  It has been s-l-o-w going.  Might be time for a tantrum.

Hmmm... I suppose Hubs isn't the only one a little behind in getting things done! My atelier is in need of some TLC (omgosh, how many Christmas things are we going to come upon thru this little exercise???)

This is a killer for me: I must purge the bookshelves & I do not want to!  But my calculations, it will take me 14 years to read all of them, and since I'm mourning celebrating being half-way to dead in 2 days, I won't make it thru them all.  Yes, I must purge.

Frame some artwork.

Take a photography course.

Find out WHAT is going on with my son's courses, grade, final assignments - school is almost over!

Design a family tree for my sister.

WHEW!  That's enough to make my head spin!  Also on the list:

  • make doctor's & dentist appointments
  • take the dogs to the vet
  • get quotes to re-tile the master bath
  • investigate refinance options
  • change Home Owner's Insurance companies
  • write thank you notes
  • call my step mother
  • drink lotsa water
  • blog more

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