Sunday, May 10, 2015


 Happy Mother's Day to me!  The beautiful rose in the picture below was my gift from my husband & son.  It's a real rose that has been dipped in pure gold.  And it is spectacular & I'm in love.  It looks amazing on my desk.  So, that was a gift from my family and my gift to myself is to restart this blog.  Well, that and a Kate Spade purse.

I have dedicated the past several months to re-thinking my whole blogging plan and here I finally am, back where I started.  I'm still not sure if this blog is the way I want to go, but for now, here I am.

Tonight, at 10:30p on BravoTV, my friend Robin Dyke will star in the preview of "Mother Funders."  I'm, like...  WHAT???  How did that happen?  And how can a show about raising money for an elementary school be interesting?  I suppose we shall see.  And knowing me, I'll be enthralled & sucked right in & I cannot wait!

One of my blogging ponderances was a "Hey, Andy" journal where I explain to Andy Cohen what my "real life mom & wife" day/week/month has been.  I may still do that.  Again, pondering, but for now, here I am.

Today is a new start, a new day dawning and a new Dawn daying.  Yeah, I made that up & yeah, I know it's corny.

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